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Save our Children -

Episode 14: Save the Children

Who will carry on the tradition and maintain the archives when we have gone from this place?

This episode of the Chief Yuya Broadcast focuses on our Youth. We journey through various tidbits of advice and counsel to facilitate the growing process for our young people and answer some of the questions young people ask.

We must cultivate the best of what we can plant into the fertile psyche of our children. Our information must be relevant and well thought out or we will, eventually, lose the faith and trust that our progeny place in us. Spirituality, culture, and higher awareness can be taught to young people but, it must be embedded in a system of accountability and recognition of their natural born right to inquiry and evolution.

Youth empowerment if the objective for this 33 minute podcast.

Take Away:

  • Get around people who you can learn from who have experiences that you want to live
    Expect wisdom from people older than you
  • Ask “how” more than “why”
  • Make friends in different groups and cliques
  • When you go to someone’s home or meet a person’s family for the first time, address yourself first
  • Don’t be too shy to ask a person to teach you how to do what you see them do.
  • You can learn outside of school and the things you learn don’t just have to be for money. Learn things that interest you. 
  • Make your own projects and book reports for yourself.
  • The relationships that adults have, is not your business. You are not responsible for your parents or the choices that they make. You have two parents, no matter your situation. You needed both of them to be created.
  • Girls shouldn’t do everything a boy does and Boys shouldn’t do everything girls do.
  • Sometimes adults will lie to you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, respectfully. 
  • You have a brain in your head for a reason. Just like everything else you have to develop it or it will go dead and you will walk through life like a zombie. The people with working brains will do anything to keep a zombie person away from them. You don’t want to be a zombie person.

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