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Self Improvement | Life Advice | Grounding | Motivation

Episode 21: Stumbling Blocks

This session highlights a few ideas surrounding stumbling blocks. Often we choose to look outside ourselves for the obstacles that will trip us up in life but, don’t look inward for the hooks and weights that prevent us from aligning with our best self and true purpose.

We make all of the decisions but, dare not take any of the blame when things don’t work out for us.
In this episode we deal with the idea of stumbling blocks by exploring a story of an encountered I had while traveling the dusty roads of North America.

Take Away Points:

  • Stability is found in the Creator, not another person.
  • The thought system of the world manipulates you into believing that reacting is as valuable as a response.
  • We can not be a victim if we have made deliberate decisions.
  • Going to an extreme in blaming ourselves because we are afraid to offend others, feeds a perpetual cycle of hindrance in place.
  • When we seek shortcuts we build unstable, shoddy realities around us.
  • Wrong goals can lead to fewer options when we arrive at our destinations in life
  • Ask “What did I do to get here?” before “Who did this to me?”

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