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Men vs. Males

Episode 22 : Men checking Weak Males

“Men Checking Weak Males” Show Notes:

Weak males have been weaponized against many a community.

They move with the predication that all men are dangerous so, therefore, a weakened male is what is best for society. Outward displays of feminization or aligning with feminist thought then becomes the most applauded gestures.

What should a man check a male on?

  • Items that affect their homesteads
  • Behaviors and activities that support the disintegrating of your own strength
  • Times when the male is bending and breaking because he has allowed himself to be pushed to his limits.
  • The character and strength of a man come out during difficult times and moments of pressure. Check him when he runs from the crisis or those who seek to remove him from the battlefield because his response is not swift. He is processing the moment and at that moment is evolving into a giant.
  • Being obedient to a woman (10 times out of 10 this woman is disobedient to the Creator). No real woman is going to block the strengthening of a real man.
  • The feminist spirit that says “No man will own me, rule over me at home, on the job, in the temple, or even in government”.
  • Situations that cause him to lose his right judgment (Ex: Sex without true marriage, drug abuse, over-investment in material transience.)
  • When he decides to remain trifling because it doesn’t demand anything of the females in his life.
  • When he leans to the simpish victimization narrative that has been scribed, universally, for wombmyn. If she is made of the same divine goodness of the creator, then she has a good mind and has access to use it and build it.
  • Check him when he begins to convince himself that he cannot bear the responsibility of what Olodumare has already created him to bear.
  • Check him when he refuses to see that he is larger than all of the naysayers that he sees within himself. He must slay the dragons circling the inside of his head.
  • When he refuses to say what needs to be said to his wombmyn because he is afraid of that “after chill” that will occur because he had to stand up and enforce the policy of his deities culture.

Characteristics of the intentionally weak male and his handler:

  • The man uses an outward expression of appearing as an alpha man with a sensitive side. In truth, this feigned sensitivity is nothing but a tool he uses to play the victim ones he gains your trust.
  • He will also use this allure to get you to do things for him, that hurt others but, when discovered will pull from the victim role energy.
  • There is a constant air of insubordination, stubbornness, and condescension.
  • There is always anger beneath the surface that periodically erupts because they spent the bulk of their time pretending to have human emotions like a sociopath.
  • After they finish going off and throwing their emotional temper tantrums they then express a lot of sorrow but, never truly ask for forgiveness or admit guilt. This keeps the manipulation in place.

Check the weak male within.

Do not give any ground to a weak male. If you don’t cast that spirit out it will set up shop right in the middle of your organization/home.

It’s difficult to speak to the issue because manhood is not celebrated in the community. We know this because when your earthday comes around, as a father, or Father’s Day your gift will be a tie or socks. You are overlooked and treated with great ingratitude.

Start handing out granny panties and, mops and buckets, for earthdays and mother’s days and see how that comes off.

Instead of grinning and bearing it when those things happen, speak up. Don’t lie to your loved ones. Let them know when they are doing something that is disregarding who and what you are.

Learn to move beyond situational leadership. Check the weak male, within, unceasingly.

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