Episode 23: Raising boys as a single parent
Raising boys as a single parent.ChiefYuya.com

Raising boys as a single parent is impossible.

In this segment, we continue our discussion surrounding manhood.

Take away Points:

  • Young boys must be raised among a community of men.
  • There is a “hand-off” that mothers must do with young males around 12-13 years old, wherein they hand the child off to the father and his collective of Elder men.
  • Women under 60 years old, should make matrimony a priority
  • Men typically do not want to carry the responsibility of another man in the form of a child.
  • The city creates savagery in a person.
  • Cities effeminize males and masculinize females.
  • The Wilderness creates wildness in a person.
  • When a young male is unable to resolve his natural feeling of sovereignty and strength, internally, he turns to cruelty as a result.
  • in the city, young men have no paths to create because it has already been structured for them boy other men. This creates a spirit of passivity in them.
  • Plagiarism is the genesis of a fraudulent priest/priestess.

Episode 22 : Men checking Weak Males

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