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Self Improvement | Life Advice | Grounding | Motivation
Time to Build. Chief Yuya

Episode 26: Time to Build

It is time to build!

In this segment we respond to a request from someone who is angered by some of the “spiritual” shenanigans of Hollywood.

Take Aways:

  • The time we invest in trolling and destroying what we disagree with should be redirected towards our effort to build something.
  • ANU demands change.
  • Those who seek to snipe the work of others , typically are functioning out if envy because they have no following of their own and are unable to generate one.
  • When we have a root of bitterness we saturate every thing we say with that spirit.
  • Character development and obedience to the Creator should proceed your spiritual rituals and proclamations.
  • Work with the small tools that you have. You don’t need volumes of information to take righteous action.