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Self Improvement | Life Advice | Grounding | Motivation
Blood Family. Chief Yuya

Episode 27: Blood Family | The Great Test

Blood Family

Your great test tends to always come through he channels of your blood family.

When we know that there is a call to completely devote our lives to a path that will drive us to the gateway of our creator, there are many detours and ensnaremensts which seems o mystically appear along the way.

Take Away Points:

  • There are those who think they are so matured in their knowledge and experiences that they presume that they have arrived. These individuals never truly arrive on the “other side” of their growth path.
  • As you change
  • The Creator will Provide distance for you from your natural family to give you space to gain freedom of thought.
  • Never reject your natural family but, recognize that the provided the launchpad that you have risen from into your higher awareness.
  •  Wether through love or pain, your family have helped to shape the capacity of your character.
  • The individuals that your bond with, directly after your “rebirth” tend to be temporary. They appear to help you to transition from your old life death to your new life rebirth.
  • When you are renewed in your culture and spirit, your presence tends to bring condemnation to your old life acquaintances.
  • The unhappiness of the consciously unaware, will not tolerate your happiness.
  • Discretion and discernment are the first qualities you need to develop in the infancy stages of your rebirth.
  • Learn to be vulnerable to natural environments.
  • Become reliant upon knowledge. Rely on the knowledge implanted in yourself and your spiritual family.
  • When people speak ill of you, only reply by being a moving example of the words you profess.
  • We can confused attraction, infatuation, and affinity with transferred personalities with our divinely ordained spiritual family. So, create an affinity with truth.
  • What separates your from the secular environment is determined by what you sacrifice, not what you acquire.
  • Your spiritual family has an affinity for the things that are most important to your purpose.
  • Spiritual Family is looking for, and needs you, as you are looking for and in need of them.
  • When moving to the next plateau, you need people who are devoted to you as you need to devote yourself to them.


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