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Stop Getting Psychic Readings. Chief Yuya

Episode 30: Stop Getting Readings

Stop Getting Readings

In this segment we deal with the idea of intuition. Intuition is damaged by our intake of bad information. In this segment we explore the harm that can be done by becoming overly reliant on spiritual readings and the intuition of another person.


Take away points:

  • Intuition is comprised of the unconscious mind and emotional reactions to inner imagery.
  • Instincts are inborn. Intuition is based on information.
  • As our context changes, our information should change.
  • Depression and anxiety distort our intuition.
  • Men should not tether themselves to prayer and divination as much as they do divine law.
  • When w are younger our intuition is Harper because we have less context to draw from.
  • Our rational thought can be a blockage to our healthy intuition if our thought is based off of wrong information.
  • We should lock into our vision and mission more than we do our method of doing things.



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