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Evil is Good

Episode 45: Evil is Good

Is Evil Good?

In this segment we explore the value of the tension that we observe in the ongoing battle between good and evil.  Often we may experience some form of tragedy and desire for the eradication of evil through some great act heroic act of virtue and Valor. The reality is evil can never be eradicated in this realm, no different that “good” being an ever present manifestation.

In this segment we look at the relationship between SET and HORUS (HRU) to get a better perspective on the management of the spirit of chaos in relation to the thought of order. We frequently look a the battles and conflict between these two archetypes as an age old story of light vs. dark but, in truth, what we are witnessing is the inner battle that we all go through to subdue our nature of darkness and disorder.

In this session we explore the Kabbalah and both side of the tree of life. Make sure you have you are prepared to take notes.

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