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Episode 62: Confusion and the Martyr Complex

Protect your energy from confusion and the Martyr complex, by all means. Our energy is the closest sensation that many of us have to a connection to the presence of a deeper deity. There are times when loved ones and general associates will attempt to cause disorder and destruction in our thought patterns, to put themselves at the center of our attention. Narcissist often use confusion to fuel and maintain their victim narrative to elevate their delusion of superiority.

When a person can hold a victim archetype in their head, even if their injuries are self imposed, they can gather attention toward them in the form of pity and sympathy. This practice is nothing short of predatorily abusive. The individual who looks to invoke the spirit of confusion is looking to establish disorder of thought and destroy the mental space of another. This can lead to self esteem issues, frustration, depression, and deep seated insecurity. Many who use these tactics were raised by parents who induced a sense of guilt inside of them for what they sacrificed in their process of caretaking and parenting. So, the child develops a sense of wanting and proceeds to pull all around them into their whirlpool of deprivation.

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