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Episode 82: Size Always Matters

Setting the Stage  

On the 82nd Episode of The Chief Yuya Podcast, Chief Yuya speaks on the direction of this season and reflects on ending last year’s season with the “Chief Yuya Challenge” 

This season we will be exploring many gates of energy and harmony while expanding our patterns of development and responses, developing more intelligent responses, and initiating better control systems within ourselves to better understand ourselves. We will begin with “Foundations” and build back. 

Posed Question for Thought  

Chief poses the question “Are we expanding our size?” (Are we expanding the size of our thoughts and or even our capacity for breath?)


Classical Eastern Thought : Stiffness was the building up of evil energies within the body. It was said that sickness primarily came from this stagnation. The concept of pushing outward (stretching) and pushing things out of you is an understanding that was used to take some of the negative influences out of ones interior, and to push negative influences further out of your external environment.  

Sometimes we acquire so much stagnate energy in our lives, in our bodies, and mind, that we have to lead and guide ourselves out of that stagnation. Alchemy attests that having excessive quality of energies in you that are not flowing and moving through your energy system, will create toxins. Through the removal of toxins, one is removing confusion.  

Ways To Rid Toxins  

  • Stretching 
  • Breathing 
  • Walking 
  • Meditating  

“Everything that exists, denies nothing. To ever imagine that the conclusion of things is “nothing” is an impossibility. “-Chief Yuya

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