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Episode 84: Jezebel Part 1

Setting the Stage  

On the 84th episode of The Chief Yuya Podcast, Chief Yuya speaks on the concept of the Jezebel spirit as an unseen force that can hop into anyone or anything, and how it affects everything. Jezebel is a term often used to describe a wayward female, but the spirit of Jezebel is so much more than that. Learn more in this podcast.

Weekly Pro-verb 

“It is difficult to catch a black cat in a dark room especially if the cat isn’t there”-Unknown 

Main Points  

  • The Name “Jezebel” is linked to the Phoenicians and would be pronounced as “Isabell” meaning, “where is the prince”, “no nobility” and or “un-husbanded”.
  •  The name “Jezebel” is a reference to the Phonecicans Elohim such as “Baal”, who are opposed to the Israel Elohim. 
  •  The name Jazebel presents a question against masculinity, monotheism, and authority.  
  •  The goal of Jezebel is to use some form of sexual immorality to bring down those who are serving the Most High.
  •  Jezebel teaches false doctrines to gain full control of religious environments.

Book Offering 

365 Days of Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience, and Success” by Martin Meadows


Movie Offering 

“The Fountain” is a science fiction movie centered around Hugh Jackman who plays a Spanish conquistador named Tomas who travels the New World in search of the mythical Fountain of Youth, hoping to save his queen, Isabel (played by Rachel Weisz). The movie explores the concept of reincarnation, multi-life cognition, evolution of consciousness, Buddhism, Hinduism, and the movement towards life. Themes of life, death, love, and spirituality are displayed through three parallel storylines that are interconnected.

The Fountain –

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