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Self Improvement | Life Advice | Grounding | Motivation

Episode 10 How you Living?

The life you live should be in synch with the story you tell.

When we preach do as I say but, not as you see me do, we create confusion within ourselves before anything else.

Consciousness will often rearrange out thoughts. When our thoughts ar arranged our reality soon follows suit. We can willfully choose to maintain the routines and patterns of our current every day while resisting what our greater awareness is calling for. This is where cognitive dissonance begins to creep in and our mind will become our internal antagonist.

The greatest medicine for our environmental woes is to live the culture that our nature-based spirituality provides us. This may call for a sacrifice of ego and secular thought. Our addictions to what ruling social structures have provided for us often rule out over the new life that our ascension is calling us to.

We explore this and more in this sessions.

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