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Rite of Passage


A Rite of Passage is an experience or series of activities that confirms and benchmarks an individual’s transition from one point of ascension to the next. These activities prepare community members in matters of spiritual continuity, community sustainability, historical perspective, and marriage, procreation, and family/community responsibilities while fulfilling a great cultural and educational purpose. Rites of Passage are those structures, rituals, and ceremonies by which age-class members or individuals in a group successfully come to know who they are and what they are about- the purpose and meaning for their existence, as they proceed from one clearly defined state of existence to the next state or passage in their lives. The occasion often marks the beginning of acquiring knowledge which is not otherwise accessible to those who have not been initiates. It is an awakening, a new day.

Statement of need:

The lifelines to matured masculinity/femininity for people of color have been severed and their official acknowledgement knowing of when they’ve attained man/womanhood is gone; as there is generally too little to signify or certify that achievement concretely. There is no ceremony or ritual to usher, even, OUR children into proper adulthood. Such a ceremony or ritual would be referred to as Rites of Passage. This process validates the adults and bestows upon them new communal responsibility and reverence.

Clear articulation and subsequent implementation of a Rite of Passage process will have a measurable effect in terms of reducing, or at least minimizing, current destructive forces to which a child and adult are exposed to. This notion is rooted in the understanding that such a transformational process will have bases in community objectives and reality. Such will factor in the importance and implications of rearing youth in a hostile environment and thereby provide them with better armaments and tools with which to minimize the forces that would destroy them and at the same time allow them access to the fullness of humanity.

Below is a small example of what a course may look like:

Topics Covered:

Afrakan Divination Systems, Marital Systems, Economic Structure, Spiritual Systems, Rite of Passage concept, Chakras, Kemetic Yoga, Altar Construction, Ancestral veneration, Sustainable Living, Community Rearing, Afrakan Languages, Afrakan History, Understanding the Contemporary applications of ancient concepts

Example Course Agenda (Based on the above):


Month 1

The Deprogramming and inner-standing of past events (Legacy, Politics, Spirituality, Economy, Maafa)

Month 2

Self-Definition and re-shaping the present (New definitions for achievement, The Afrakan Perspective, Asafo, Language)

Month 3

Re-Directing the Future agenda (Divination Systems, Warrior Unions, Nation Building, Facilitating Rites of Passage in your Come-Unity)

Example Session:

11:00-11:15 Libations
11:15-11:30 Presentations
11:30-12:00 Session Subject
12:00-12:15 Break
12:15-12:45 Hands-On
12:45-1:00 Question and Answer

*This course would conclude with a crossing over ceremony and optional naming ceremony, as well.

The crossing over experience will be a 3 days intensive process where initiates will be in a natural setting away from any external distractions or obstructions.

Example Objectives:

  • Self Actualization from an Afrakan perspective
  • Ability to re-negotiate spiritual relationship with the universe
  • Keener innerstanding of your historical and Ancestral philosophy and agenda
  • Methods to directly and effectively communicate with your spirit guardians
  • Enhanced ability to dissect and synthesize ancient Afrakan culture, deep thought, and mystery systems

Example Class Format:

Program centers on the student’s exploration of the course concepts through hands-on experiences.  Each session will include a to the point lecture by the course facilitator and a student presentation.

If you are interested in a Rite of Passage experiennce please use the contact form below:
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